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Dewais meets your business needs with expert technical solutions. With 15 years of experience in software development, we deliver advanced AWS development services to match each client's query and budget. We constantly improve our skills to meet customer demands, from innovative startups to established enterprises.
Our services

AWS Application Development Services We Provide

AWS App Development

We provide end-to-end custom cloud product development. Our experts will study your pains and inquiries to devise the best solution with reasonable use of resources.

What you get:

  • Designing and building an AWS app based on your unique requests
  • Developing and testing a scalable cloud product supported on any device
  • Creating a flexible architecture that easily scales to meet changing user requirements

AWS Consulting

Our team explores your current AWS tool and eliminates possible gaps. We will examine your existing platform and come up with ready-to-use proposals to achieve superior performance.

What you get:

  • Technical consulting and support
  • Risk analysis and bug fixing
  • Comprehensive recommendations for improving your current product

AWS Migration

We will efficiently migrate your current system to meet AWS requirements. We use a phased approach to ensure the cloud migration goes flawlessly.

What you get:

  • Evaluating and updating your cloud infrastructure according to the state-of-the-art frameworks 
  • Security optimization and preparation for cloud migration
  • Fast AWS system sync with minimal downtime

Cloud Integration Service

Our team is constantly improving its cloud engineering skills. With our integration services, we guarantee that the service components interact without refactoring the entire architecture.


What you get:

  • Fast integration with minimal additional code
  • Interoperability of AWS applications 
  • Scalability without affecting other system components

AWS Maintenance and Support

Timely software maintenance is the foundation of a long-lived product. Our experts will ensure smooth software for the best user experience.

What you get:

  • Quick bugs and code fixes
  • Product optimization and updates
  • Uninterrupted support from trained professionals

AWS Security & Risk Management

With cutting-edge cloud-based trade management solutions, we will secure your AWS application and make it user-relevant. So rest assured that your platform is reliably protected from internal and external threats.

What you get:

  • Implementing custom solutions for AWS security integration 
  • Risk and identity management
  • AWS technical security monitoring
Case Studies

Our Case Studies


Cloud HRTech Gamified Platform Zizo

Zizo is an HR management platform that transforms massive amounts of data into insights to optimize HR processes. The customer tasked our AWS cloud application development services company to create a service for employee management. The client also wanted the product to be efficient and attractive to users.

We innovated a cloud-based business intelligence application with a gamified interface. Thanks to its flawless performance and engaging design, the company increased employee efficiency by an average of 50%. And with AI predictions, the tool also provides suggestions for workflow improvements.

As a result of our consulting, development, and support, the client managed to launch a promising MVP in six months. The project team grew from 8 to 22 people, and the project went on.


Technologies We Use

Dewais specializes in deploying reliable AWS development for both small startups and large enterprises. Our developers are proficient in Amazon’s technology toolkit to deliver innovative offerings to you. Here are the technologies we use:

  •  Amazon API Gateway

    Amazon API Gateway

  • Amazon DynamoDB

    Amazon DynamoDB

  • Amazon Elasticache

    Amazon Elasticache

  • Amazon Lambda

    Amazon Lambda

  • Amazon RDS

    Amazon RDS

  • Amazon Route 53

    Amazon Route 53

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service

    Amazon Simple Storage Service

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

  • Amazon Web Services EC2

    Amazon Web Services EC2

  • AWS Cloudformation

    AWS Cloudformation

  • Amazon Cloud Front

    Amazon Cloud Front

Our process

Our AWS Application Development Process



Before a project starts, we investigate the client's needs, analyze risks and define the DevOps for the subsequent development stage deployment. During this phase, we define timelines, develop an AWS application development roadmap and approve further steps.


We thoughtfully choose the technical toolset so that the software always meets the customer's query. Throughout this phase, our developers and designers work hand in hand so that the interface reaches its full potential. We also provide scalability and wide accessibility for different devices.


Our QA department examines the software for code bugs and freezes. We run automated testing at every stage of development. This way, we confirm that the front-end and back-end code works flawlessly.

Support and Maintenance

After launching and testing, we continue to update and support the product. Our experts check the speed and reliability of the service, optimize security, and implement new features. We ensure the high performance of your software for an exceptional user experience.
Our benefits

Benefits Of AWS

Amazon has been developing computing infrastructure for over ten years, continually improving the tools for cloud software development. Here are the most notable benefits of AWS:

  • Global infrastructure. AWS-based development is one of the most supported thanks to its advanced back-end. It is currently available in 190 countries in 21 regions. It helps companies leverage the ever-evolving cloud toolset and build business goals on a global scale.

  • Improved security. Amazon AWS closely monitors data safety and privacy by regularly updating security protocols. Because of their reliability, the tools are used by governmental and banking institutions.

  • Automatic scalability. You can safely plan for growth without worrying about handling increasing demands. As the company expands, it can quickly scale at any convenient point without additional costs.

  • Increased flexibility and speed. Customers can request additional storage and features in minutes as needed. This approach allows companies to adapt to market and user requirements quickly.

  • Cost optimization. AWS operates on a pay-as-you-go model. It means that you only pay for the capacity that is currently connected. This approach allows organizations to reduce their development budget significantly.

Do you have a business idea? Our experts will help bring it to life! Let us know your demands.

Hire a professional AWS cloud application development company to manage your workflow productivity with top-notching software.


frequently asked questions

What are AWS Development Services?

Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive cloud-based system with various tools such as database storage, compute power, and content delivery services. From these, developers build flexible and scalable products to manage and optimize company processes.

What is AWS Used for in Web Development?

AWS Application Development includes mobile app development and web services with cloud functionality through AWS Amplify. This tool helps developers build and test products, dramatically reducing time to market.

Which Language is Used in AWS Development?

Programming languages can vary, but Python and Java are the most common options. The platform also supports Ruby, Node.js, and PHP.