Education & E-learning Software Development

Want an education software that will make a difference and allow you to stand out? If you are looking for an e-learning software development company, you are in the right place. With our solutions, you can reach your business goals faster while making education effective and engaging.
Our services

Education & E-learning software development service we can provide for you:

Educational Platforms
and E-learning Solutions

With us, you can get a wide variety of solutions, from corporate training systems to online course platforms. Education companies can benefit from our management software and applications. Our experts ensure that those solutions are high-quality and easy to use.

The software you get will:

  • be well-tested and without bugs
  • have user-friendly UI and provide perfect UX
  • be available for multiple types of devices

AI Educational Applications

Artificial Intelligence has long quit being some obscure stuff from the movies. We know how to leverage this technology in education, helping both students and faculty. Bug-free AI algorithms tailored to your requirements.

The software you get will:

  • provide high-quality grading automation tools
  • assist in making the learning process personalized and interactive
  • include smart systems that analyze various factors to streamline the scheduling process
  • help educators collect feedback on course or module quality

Virtual Classrooms

The lack of interaction between students and teachers can be a significant drawback of remote learning. We address this problem by creating immersive educational spaces. Do you want to build solutions using augmented or virtual reality and 3D scanning? Our team can help!

The software you get will:

  • enable teachers to display learning materials such as slide decks, documents, or multimedia files
  • allow educators to moderate student participation
  • support creating and answering polls and quizzes
  • provide virtual whiteboards to work with
  • enable participants to share screens
  • divide participants into virtual groups

School Management Platforms

Our education software development services can save school administrators dozens of hours. School management solutions we create can automate mundane tasks and increase their efficiency. Moreover, our team can design a custom mobile app linked to the school management portal.

The software you get will:

  • provide tools for communication between administrators, educators, and teachers
  • include payment processing options
  • offer educators digital assistants for learning program creation
  • provide advanced attendance-tracking instruments for teachers and students


No matter how hard the teachers try, often they can’t devote much attention to individual students. Our education software development company can provide them with teaching assistants. Surely, no amount of Machine Learning will fully substitute an interaction with a real person. Still, our chatbots can use these technologies to make teachers more efficient and students more engaged.

The software you get will:

  • instantly clarify student queries
  • collect learners’ feedback
  • conduct educational quizzes
  • distribute important information about the educational process

Learning Management Systems

Available LMS tools come in all shapes and sizes. Still, they can’t cover all cases. If you need a custom solution to plan, implement and assess an educational process, we will be glad to help. Our experienced team will create a system tailored perfectly to your requirements.

The software you get will:

  • organize educational content in one place
  • provide full access to educational resources on any device
  • send automated notifications
  • track learners’ progress, providing educators with analytics
Case Studies

Our Case Studies


Productivity assistant for novice musicians

If you’ve tried to master a musical instrument, you may know that the motivation can slacken after time. Our client wanted to help starting musicians, providing them with an app that tracks their learning progress and motivates them to practice more.

The Beta-version of the app had plenty of space for improvement, while the timeframe was rather tight. Our team took on the challenge and met the deadline. As a result, we improved the UI/UX, upgraded motivation-boosting features, and added statistics calculations for tracking users’ efforts.


Successful MVP in a short time

Change the learning experience for thousands of users in six months? Sounds challenging and noble – exactly how we like it. That’s why the project with Lingu, a leading Norwegian EdTech company, resonated with us deeply.

After receiving a new investment round, Lingu had a firm goal to deliver expected outcomes within a tight schedule. Driven by the idea behind the project, our engineers developed a cross-platform, flawless MVP.


Technologies We Use

To provide top-notch education software development services, we’ve recruited top-notch specialists and placed them in a creativity-stimulating environment. Thus, we have experts in state-of-the-art technologies for web and mobile development. They will wield those tools to create software solutions that exceed your expectations.





  • VUE.JS














  • HTML5


Our process

Our education & e-learning
software development process



This stage is of prime importance in creating a vision of how to fit the client's business goals and meet the target audience's demands. You plan what has to be done, in what order, and what risks are lurking ahead.


While providing our e-learning software development services, developers and designers synchronize their efforts to create the best workflow. They move step by step, dealing with multiple processes like coding, infrastructure setup, preparing documentation, and so on.


Expect the high quality as our e-learning solutions get thoroughly tested before the release. We ensure that no flaws will spoil the user experience. The QA team uses test automation to try out many different scenarios as swift as possible.

Support and Maintenance

We build our solutions to be absolutely reliable. Still, they need to be maintained in good order and upgraded as the need arises. Our team will help you with that, keeping your e-learning solution not only up and running but also up-to-date and effective.
Our benefits

How business benefits from
education & e-learning software

Professionally developed e-learning solutions can give your business a competitive edge. Here are several good reasons to use them:

  • Improved learners’ performance. E-learning allows students to choose the learning style and the type of materials, making them more productive. Also, they can study at the time when they are most productive. Thus, businesses benefit from the efficient training of their employees or from the great experience the customers of their e-learning products have.

  • Time-efficiency. With e-learning, business owners save not only money but also time. Online learning courses are much easier to organize. For instance, you don’t have to look for venues to house the educational process. Also, your students save time with less commuting and advanced information search provided by digital learning materials.

  • Sustainability. E-learning eliminates the need to print vast piles of paper handouts. Also, as the learners don’t need to commute, it helps lower the emissions into the atmosphere. Hence, it is easier for businesses to fulfill their social responsibilities, producing a smaller ecological footprint.

  • Сost-efficiency. E-learning is more cost-efficient than traditional education. Businesses save on classroom rent, maintenance, catering, printing, distributing, and updating learning materials, trainer travels, and other infrastructure expenses.

  • Comfort. The online courses or modules are accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Moreover, they are more personalized than traditional ones as learners can choose their own studying pace. As a result, more employees are satisfied with professional training programs, and more students flock to the online learning platforms.


What our clients say?

Ihor Yurchenko

I highly recommend Dewais to everyone who needs good software developers.We have been working together for 2 years and will work further. The team is skillful and reliable. They built a secured and scalable online voting platform for us and met the deadline just in time.

Yannick Tessier

Dewais provided skilled developers that delivered consistent work that was critical to the product’s success. They're flexible, responsive, and engaged. Their open-minded approach makes them stand out.

Jean-Pierre Scheyvaerts

Dewais developed the frontend of an app for mobile and desktop use. The app is easily accessible and everything was delivered exactly as we asked for. They were effortless and correctly followed the design.

Let’s make an innovative edtech solution to boost your business!

Nail your business goals with streamlined education software! Have an idea of a unique e-learning solution? See it happen! We have the expertise, skills, and motivation to make it come true.


frequently asked questions

What is e-learning software?

E-learning software is a digital tool to create and share learning content and experiences online. It comes in many forms, including learning management systems, online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and so on.

What are the advantages of education & e-learning software development?

First and foremost, it saves businesses time and money. Learners get a more comfortable and efficient way of studying, making them more successful and satisfied. Thus, education and e-learning software have great potential for increasing business profits.

What stack of technologies do you use when developing education software?

Our team can wield a wide variety of modern tools and frameworks. For education software development, we use React.JS, Node.JS, Vue.JS, Javascript, React Native, Python, AWS Lambda, Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS.