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Our Expertise

  • Education

    We provide personalized, innovative, and accessible solutions for EdTech. We revolutionize education by integrating cutting-edge software solutions for automatization, digitalization, and a better learning experience.

  • HRTech Tools

    We answer the growing demand for HRTech tools. To help businesses manage their resources more efficiently. And get valuable insights about their workforce. Our team thinks of both – separate apps for project management. And comprehensive solutions covering various aspects of team productivity.

  • Sustainability SaaS

    Since the environmental sustainability trend is booming, this industry requires reliable digital partners to support its growth. By offering our extensive expertise, our team can create custom software solutions for various aims and purposes in the sustainability sector. And boost their efficiency, thus paving the way for a healthier planet.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    We create innovative software by employing AI technologies for various industries. Our team designs and customizes AI-driven systems to help you maximize acquisition and make data-driven decisions.

  • Machine Learning

    ML and supporting Cloud Infrastructure are AI-driven domains that help us bring your business to the next level. We build, train, and customize Machine Learning software for your unique needs.

How we work

What We Offer



We provide product-oriented consulting services, following values of transparency, cooperation, and growth. Honest feedback is crucial for us – we never sugar-coat results but look for solutions.

Project-based model

Project-based model

We believe that long-term cooperation brings the best results. Our experience and expertise allow us to confidently take responsibility for your project. We turn your idea into highly scalable, wise, and efficient software.



To assemble professional teams swiftly is only the first step. Letting them bloom is no less vital. That’s exactly what we do, gathering A-players in highly-efficient units. We ensure a productive and friendly atmosphere to help them achieve the best results.

Tech stack

Technologies we use

Recruiting the best minds on the market, we build a creative, stimulating environment in our team. It allows us to be both pioneers and experts in the latest technologies and frameworks for web and mobile development.


Our clients Message Our happy clients say

Yannick Tessier


Dewais provided skilled developers that delivered consistent work that was critical to the products success. Theyre flexible, responsive, and engaging. Their open-minded approach makes

Holistic HRtech platform

A high-tech business gamification platform that transformed HR-Tech in a wellness-oriented way. It makes routine jobs more playful and processes HR data extremely quickly transforming it into insightful information.
Full Case Study

Ihor Yurchenko

CEO, iViche

I highly recommend Dewais to everyone who needs good software developers. We have been working together for 2 years and will work further. The team is skillful and reliable. They built a secured and scalable online voting platform for us and met the deadline just in time.
#E-voting #Media

Online platform for public polling

Internet software for social voting and community values research. It works as a web-version and cross-platform apps for iOS and Android.
Full Case Study

Jean-Pierre Scheyvaerts


Dewais developed the frontend of an app for mobile and desktop use. The app is easily accessible and everything was delivered exactly as we asked for. They were effortless and correctly followed the design.

The digital end to end solution for fleetowners

MyCarNet is the ideal solution for the management and monitoring of vehicle status and/or for the management and monitoring of repairs.

Let`s create mind-blowing projects

Do you know the feeling at the beginning of an exciting journey? Are you ready to make the first step and make amazing discoveries? Then you are in the right place.

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Partnership and Growth Partnership and Growth

The success of our clients is our success. We strive to expand the boundaries of our possibilities and never settle for ‘ok’ results. It is not enough to simply employ the best experts. Helping them blossom and go beyond their limits is vital. For that, being humane is the main pillar. That is, a friendly atmosphere, open and honest feedback, transparent communication with clients and team members are the key to the successful delivery of innovations.


Social Responsibility Social Responsibility

We serve a wider mission beyond delivering software projects. We strongly promote corporate social responsibility, contributing to the open-source projects of our employees and encouraging their personal growth: both intellectual and emotional. Every member of our team speaks English.

Fostering Innovations Fostering Innovations

We take pride in Dewais open company culture, which creates a prolific environment for broad-minded and dynamic collaboration. We gathered the network of the brightest minds, who consult Startups and SMB on AI, ML, and Big Data. To bring out the best in our versatile software architecture professionals, we encourage our employees' open feedback and lifelong learning.