CTO as a Service

Improve your bottom line through innovative CTO as a service solution. Ask Dewais for digital advisory, vendor management, and on-demand managed services from our team of experts. We are ready to help you capture digital readiness, lead your development team, and link the relevant tech solutions and services with your business ambitions.
Our services

CTO Consulting Services We Provide

#1 Plan a software project

CTO is involved in planning a tech solution, given the tech expertise and business understanding this person possesses. In this regard, all the business considerations about your digital solution and its future development can be put into tech aspects right away.

What you’ll get:

  • Help with business strategy determination
  • Presenting a relevant tech approach
  • Creating a possible scaling strategy
  • Help with project pitching

#2 Assemble a development team

By designing the tech solution and clarifying concrete tasks to build it, CTO is responsible for establishing a development team that will work on the project. In this regard, this person takes leadership over tech challenges and team motivation. 

What you’ll get:

  • Selecting relevant job descriptions and hiring criteria
  • Conducting tech interviews with candidates
  • Evaluating tech knowledge and soft skills of developers

#3 Identify tech stack

With relevant tech knowledge, business expertise, and development team composition, a CTO as a service can get decompose your business ambition into concrete technical challenges, required tech skills, and digital solution architecture.

What you’ll get:

  • Tech architecture development
  • Tech solution design
  • Selecting must-have features for MVP
  • Finding the best tools and required tech knowledge

#4 Share tech knowledge

With a devoted tech leader for your project, you get access to CTO expertise too. In particular, the team member will help you solve tech issues, motivate and educate a tech team, and introduce flexibility into the development process.

What you’ll get:

  • Creating value at every stage of product development
  • Fast help for junior and middle developers
  • Team management and motivation
Case Studies

Our Case Studies


HR expenses forecast system

Zizo is an HRTech platform that converts huge datasets related to HR into insights. For this project, our CTO consulting enabled the implementation of instant statistics updates and fast search. Under our leadership, the project team of 8 members managed to deliver MVP within 6 months — and since then, the ongoing project has increased to 22 team members.


Our Tech Stack

Our CTOs have mastered all the relevant tech stacks for building top-notch digital solutions in today’s competitive market. Being the pioneers of this service, we have achieved expertise in building the technology that brings real business value and demonstrates high effectiveness.

  • Java






  • Nest


  • MongoDB


  • PHP


  • Scala


  • Kafka


  • Docker


  • CSS


  • HTML


  • Laravel


  • AWS


  • Angular


  • Azure


  • Android


  • Ruby


  • Symfony


Our process

Types of Consulting CTO Services



You can invite our CTO to work on your project as a full-time worker. This way, you’ll get a full set of services, including team management, strategy creation, and leadership over all the technical aspects of your solution.


You can assign CTO to a chosen area in your digital project. This way, our hired tech talent will coordinate tasks within the assigned responsibilities and cooperate with your in-house development team.


While working part-time, CTO will provide the full-time scope of responsibilities within the agreed time slots. This is a good option for companies that experience budget limitations to hire a full-time CTO and don’t have an urgent project to afford this specialist part-time.
Our benefits

Benefits of CTO Consulting Services

CTO as a service lets you hire a tech talent within a couple of weeks and assign this specialist all the tasks related to the development team management, strategizing, and linking your digital solution to your business needs:

  • Tech expertise: CTO as a service gets you a professional with tech expertise that is relevant to your particular digital solution. In addition to tech knowledge, such specialists have vast experience after working on an outsourcing basis for several other projects.

  • Strategic vision: Before building a solution, our CTO specialists conduct research on your business domain and get in-depth knowledge of your aims. This way, they don’t just provide tech services but make it work for your business benefit.

  • Affordability: CTO consulting has different types, letting you choose the best option and get value for money. Hiring a full-time CTO is just one of the possible scenarios — you can also engage this specialist part-time and expect the same dedication to your project.

  • Agility: With CTO as a service onboard, you get access to tech expertise at any moment, leaving your project from unnecessary errors and letting it be more agile and flexible when the business environment changes.


What our clients say?

Ihor Yurchenko

I highly recommend Dewais to everyone who needs good software developers.We have been working together for 2 years and will work further. The team is skillful and reliable. They built a secured and scalable online voting platform for us and met the deadline just in time.

Yannick Tessier

Dewais provided skilled developers that delivered consistent work that was critical to the product’s success. They're flexible, responsive, and engaged. Their open-minded approach makes them stand out.

Jean-Pierre Scheyvaerts

Dewais developed the frontend of an app for mobile and desktop use. The app is easily accessible and everything was delivered exactly as we asked for. They were effortless and correctly followed the design.

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frequently asked questions

What is a CTO as a Service?

While going for CTO as a service, you get a tech expert on terms that are accommodating to your project needs. In contrast to hiring a full-time CTO in your company, you get this specialist for a specific project, area of responsibility, or time. This way, you’ll have the same specialist but on more flexible and affordable terms.

What are CTO’s responsibilities?

A CTO is a key decision-maker on any technical aspect of your company. This specialist is responsible for technology strategy and planning and controls the development process of your digital solution. Even more, this person is a leader when it comes to other project-related aspects, meaning things like customer engagement, adoption, and budget planning.

When should a startup hire a CTO?

We recommend hiring a CTO as early as possible, especially if you are a tech startup that develops a digital solution. Even more, it’s important to get a tech expert for this position right away, since the software quality and its ability to stand out in the market is the foundation for a successful startup launch.