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We are a cross-platform mobile app development company. And our experience speaks for itself.
Fueled by our growth and social responsibility values, we deliver wise solutions. Our cross-platform mobile app development services can scale your business to the next level.
Our services

Cross-Platform App Development Services We Provide


We provide product-oriented and client-tailored cross-platform app development services. Along with providing insightful consulting services, we are equipped to develop innovative technology solutions relying on Big Data Architecture, Software Architecture, Data Warehouses, and AI/ML. 

What you get:

  • Customized niche approach
  • Smart implementation of various cross-platform development technologies 
  • Honest, sugar-coating-free feedback
  • Scalable, ready-to-go solutions


You can be sure your idea is in good hands. No need to worry about timing or quality. We employ an efficient project based-approach for Turnkey Web and Mobile development. Our expertise in cross-platform development services allows us to adjust to the client’s most peculiar business needs. We create scalable solutions using cutting-edge technologies and time-tested stacks like React.JS, Node.JS, React Native, AWS/Lambda and others.

What you get:

  • Custom application development
  • Native-feel and customer-oriented design
  • Reliable tech stack and seamless performance
  • Cost-effective platform
  • Quality assurance
  • A product your users will like
  • A team of seasoned specialists understanding your business needs


You want to see the results without diving into operational processes – and our specialists are happy to deliver them! We gather visionary and dynamic teams, engaging first-class developers from all over the world in the fastest way possible. Our cross-platform development company knows the secret sauce to assemble an outstanding team.

What you get:

  • Cost-effective recruitment
  • Efficient staff augmentation
  • Seasoned professionals ready to align with your goals
  • Fast onboarding and offboarding process
  • Full transparency and control over the process
  • Seamless communication keeping everyone on the same page

Technologies We Use

Recruiting the best minds on the market, we build a creative, stimulating environment in our cross-platform application development company. It allows us to be both pioneers and experts in the latest technologies and frameworks for web and mobile development. Prepare to see your expectations exceeded.





Our process

Our Cross Platform App Development Process



At the start of a project, the idea behind it should be meticulously polished. Careful research and planning take place. We try to come up with a list of what should be made, what our priorities are, what pitfalls may be waiting on the way, etc.


Our cross-platform designers and developers frequently work side by side to achieve an effective workflow. They try to move in a uniform, step-by-step fashion. A lot of processes should be taken into account, including infrastructure setup, coding, creating technical documentation, etc.


When the main work is done, the QA team thoroughly checks the solution. It undergoes multiple tests before its release. Automated testing is often used to check software bugs more quickly and efficiently.

Support and Maintenance

An app should both perform without a hitch and constantly evolve to keep users’ satisfaction at a high level. Not only do we build our software reliable and scalable, but we are also there for you if you need any help or upgrades.
Our benefits

How business benefits from cross-platform mobile apps

The necessity to provide your application on multiple platforms is not up for discussion anymore. Hybrid app development allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce cost and time without losing the quality of your application comparing to native development

  • Ensure a high engagement and usability without the burden of creating complex native apps. Your customers can enjoy friendly product from their mobile devices on the go.

  • Reinforces your brand. Your clients would appreciate a seamless brand experience across all touch points available. Moreover, you’d support a consistent brand positioning, while investing less using the same UI/UX elements.

  • Deliver time-sensitive products to the market in no time

Let’s create mind-blowing projects

We all know how our brainchildren can seem brilliant in our heads, yet be ruined by clumsy execution. That’s why we gather seasoned professionals to let any idea shine brightly. If you know what you want to get, you are in the right place.


frequently asked questions

Which programming language is used for cross-platform app development?

Today the most popular frontend, backend, and mobile development languages and frameworks are Node, React, React Native, TypeScript. Versatile specialists from our cross platform app development company are fluent in all the innovative techniques available on the market and can write code of any complexity.

What are the key challenges faced in cross-platform app development?

Before firing up with the idea of executing your product through cross-platform application development services, we find it important to familiarize you with the challenges of this approach:
-A poorly managed amalgam of native and non-native solutions may cause performance bugs
-Hybrid application development may not support complex features, like complex graphics and animation
-Usually, it takes longer for hybrid apps to wait for software update adjustments than the native ones.
Dewais is a cross-platform mobile application development company that has everything required to consult you on whether cross-platform is the right choice for you and ensure your product is executed flawlessly.

How can my business benefit from cross-platform mobile development?

Nowadays, cross-platform mobile app development can benefit your business in many ways. Here are several key advantages of turning to cross-platform solutions:
-Cost efficiency. Cross-platform is much less costly than native development, so you can build the desired product and keep your budget within reasonable limits.
-Faster development. Cross-platform solutions don’t require investing much time in the development, so you can launch your product sooner and overtake competitors.
-High-quality product. With a cross-platform approach, you can build a robust app not coping with complex, expensive, and time-consuming native app development.