On-Demand App Development

Dewais aims to provide on-demand app development services to entrepreneurs who want to get their businesses to the next level. Our team of experts has years of experience creating apps with all the features businesses need and customers want. Thus, our clients can succeed in today’s marketplace.
Our services

On-Demand App Development Services We Provide

Booking Module

This on-demand app development service lets users make a booking fast and easily, whether ordering a taxi, delivery service, or manicure. A simple tap will result in the order being sent and processed. All of this happens directly through the app, with no need to sign up or register beforehand.

What you get:

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Easy-to-follow navigation
  • Fully working booking
  • Real-time customer feedback

Scheduling a Booking

Users who don’t want to make an order instantly should have the option of scheduling their bookings. This will give them relief from keeping up with each new or ongoing offer. With the scheduling a booking feature, they won’t miss out on anything new coming up in their desired category. With the scheduling feature, it will let you alert customers about new deals and coupons, which can prove to be beneficial for both!

What you get:

  • Scheduling for any on-demand category
  • Fast deployment
  • Feature maintenance and support

In-App Payments

This feature ensures that all payments are processed in a secure app environment and that the transaction amount is never disclosed, eliminating any risk of fraud. We make it easy to make mobile payments with just a few clicks. You can choose between different payment methods, including PayPal and Credit Card.

What you get:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Specific payment processor on demand
  • Safe payment mode

Ordering On-The-Go

On-the-go service lets users place and manage orders and pay at their leisure. Users choose the required service, set the needed preferences, and leave their phones or PCs with complete confidence. The ability to select among different categories of products and services allows you to optimize your customers’ experience. The system is automated and only accepts orders when meeting all required conditions: availability of the service, preferences set by the customer, etc.

What you get:

  • Efficient and time-saving system
  • Mobile payment support
  • Automatic confirmation support

Order Tracking

Order tracking capability gives your customers complete and accurate visibility into all of their orders, from the moment of booking to and including the receipt of the product or service ordered. Customers can see where their shipment is going, how long it will take for it to get there, when the product will arrive, and when the delivery date is. Tracking within an order experience provides users with a better experience overall, and helps build confidence in your brand.

What you get:

  • Complete order dashboard
  • Real-time updates
  • Arrival time estimation

Real-Time Calls and Messages

This technology allows the users of the platforms to contact each other directly with the help of video and voice calls. Calls and messages are a convenient option for quick interaction and exchanging of contact details and essential information regarding the booking. Users can chat through different platforms available for real-time communication.

What you get:

  • Real-time communication with clients
  • Reliable network
  • Convenient dashboard

Our Tech Stack

Our on-demand app development company hires top tech talents in the market and establishes a creative and challenging environment for them so they can reveal their best. Thanks to this, we make technologies with state-of-the-art frameworks for our clients and create software that exceeds your expectations.

  • Java




  • React


  • Nest


  • MongoDB


  • PHP


  • Scala


  • Kafka


  • Docker


  • CSS3


  • HTML5


  • Laravel


  • AWS




  • Azure


  • Android


  • Ruby


  • Symfony


Our process

Our On-Demand App Development Process



We start a project by conducting research and making a plan. To get the best results, we make a checklist containing project requirements, priorities, and risks that we acknowledge and will mitigate together with the client.


At this stage, our designers and on-demand app developers take responsibility for implementing your product idea. We will work through wireframes, mockups, and new features and carefully fix bugs so you get the result wanted.


We apply automated testing in every development process to clean your code of errors and bugs. An untested app demonstrates poor performance. That’s why we never omit this stage and carefully check the technology.

Support and Maintenance

Testing and polishing the app doesn’t guarantee it will always work perfectly and with all the users. That’s why we provide support services for all our projects after completion to maintain the utmost customer satisfaction.
Our benefits

Benefits of On-Demand App Development Services

On-demand app development services make it easier than ever for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get their ideas into the market. Here are the reasons why:

  • Easy start: We offer an on-demand app development service for companies looking for a team of experts who can develop applications for iOS and Android devices. This is perfect for companies who need a quick turnaround or have limited in-house resources

  • Full app development lifecycle: Our team of experts has years of experience developing apps and will work with you every step, from a project idea to launch. We'll make sure that your app is optimized and ready for success.

  • Process optimization: We optimize every project stage with our dedicated software developers. This way, instead of wasting months planning or struggling through endless bug fixes, you can enjoy seeing customers use your apps every day from day one.

  • Up-to-date technologies: With our on-demand mobile application development services for iOS and Android devices, we design applications with cutting-edge technologies and a polished look.

  • Customized functionality: You can design an on-demand app depending on your concrete needs and business goals. For example, you can add in-app purchase capabilities, push notifications, geo-location tracking, and social integration.


What our clients say?

Ihor Yurchenko

I highly recommend Dewais to everyone who needs good software developers.We have been working together for 2 years and will work further. The team is skillful and reliable. They built a secured and scalable online voting platform for us and met the deadline just in time.

Yannick Tessier

Dewais provided skilled developers that delivered consistent work that was critical to the product’s success. They're flexible, responsive, and engaged. Their open-minded approach makes them stand out.

Jean-Pierre Scheyvaerts

Dewais developed the frontend of an app for mobile and desktop use. The app is easily accessible and everything was delivered exactly as we asked for. They were effortless and correctly followed the design.

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frequently asked questions

What is the process of on-demand app development?

Developing an on-demand app depends on factors such as project scope, team size, and design needs. But at its core, the process starts with planning and creating a high-level design to get a feel for what you want your application to be. From there, we'll work on coding to flesh out those ideas and turn them into something tangible.

What is the business model of an on-demand app?

In business terms, an on-demand app is a software solution that provides services to consumers when they want them, including fast delivery, clear order tracking, and means of real-time communication. For businesses, the benefits are also evident – by outsourcing all or part of their workflow to apps, companies can increase efficiency while still providing a customized experience for customers.

How much time does it take to develop an app?

The exact answer to this question depends on the context. For instance, an application that has a relatively simple function might be developed in a matter of weeks or months; whereas, one that is more complex might require up to two years. At Dewais, our team can typically create an application within several weeks, though it is important to note that there are always exceptions based on project size and complexity. Contact us today to discuss a custom estimate!