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Dewais offers 15+ years of web dev expertise. We build, deploy and optimize high-perf PHP apps. With our comprehensive skill set, we create reliable solutions for your business needs.
Our services

Our PHP Development Services

Custom PHP Development

We specialize in creating custom solutions designed to meet the exact specifications of your company. Our highly skilled developers use the latest frameworks, libraries, and tools to build a competitive product that meets your requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

What you get:

  • An individual approach to each project
  • High-performance code
  • Flexible architecture
  • Responsive design
  • Comprehensive QA and testing

PHP Consulting

Whether it’s an audit of your existing product or an assessment of your current architecture, our experienced professionals will provide you with the best advice on how to improve and optimize your product.

What you get:

  • Professional analysis
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in web development
  • Expert advice on code optimization and refactoring
  • Suggestions for architecture improvement
  • Competitive edge in the market
  • Dedicated Team Building

PHP Integration

Our network of dedicated developers provides the best solutions for your business needs. We make sure that our integration processes are done in a timely and efficient manner while maintaining a high level of security and performance.

What you get:

  • Secure integration process
  • High-performance code
  • Flexible architecture
  • Seamless integration with third-party services
  • Competitive edge in the market

PHP Maintenance and Support

We guarantee that your product will be in optimal condition and secure. Our team of experts can provide you with the best advice on how to maintain and support it.


What you get:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Timely bug fixes and security patches
  • Seamless updates for new features
  • Regular maintenance for optimal performance
  • Competitive edge in the market

PHP Migration

We can help you migrate your existing product to the latest version of PHP and ensure that it is compatible with all the necessary systems.


What you get:

  • Seamless migration process
  • Compatibility with all systems
  • Timely bug fixes and security patches
  • Flexible architecture for future upgrades
  • Competitive edge in the market
Our process




To ensure our projects are well-executed, we collaborate with the clients from the get-go. This entails getting acquainted with their needs, goals, target demographic, and expectations. With this information in hand, we can then construct a strategy that maps out all the crucial details for a fruitful outcome.


Our team of masterful developers leverages their profound understanding of PHP to design tailor-made solutions that fit our client's requirements. To guarantee the quality, we make sure every task is crafted with precision and the utmost attention to detail — meeting or exceeding both industry standards and best practices.


Once our coders wrap up their work, it's time for the QA squad to get busy. From manual tests to automation and performance checks, they carefully scrutinize every aspect of the product to make sure users have a seamless experience.

Support and Maintenance

Upon launching your application, our team of professionals are here to ensure everything keeps running flawlessly. Our tech specialists are on standby 24/7 to answer any questions or troubleshoot problems that may occur.
What are the benefits of using PHP?

Our benefits

Here are just a few of the many benefits PHP development offers:

  • Cost-effective: One of the major benefits of PHP development is its cost-effectiveness. PHP is open source, which means that it is free to use, and there is no licensing fee. As a result, clients can save a lot of money on licensing costs and invest more in other aspects of their software development projects.

  • Flexibility: PHP is a highly flexible language that can be used to develop a variety of web applications, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce platforms. PHP supports a wide range of databases and can be easily integrated with other web technologies, making it an ideal choice for building custom web applications.

  • Rapid development: PHP development is known for its rapid development capabilities. PHP has a large community of developers who have built a variety of pre-built libraries and frameworks, such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Symfony, that can be used to accelerate the development process. These frameworks offer a wide range of functionalities, making it possible to build complex web applications in a short amount of time.

  • Scalability: PHP is highly scalable and can handle large volumes of traffic without compromising the performance of the web application. This is particularly useful for clients who are planning to build web applications that need to handle high traffic.

  • Easy maintenance: PHP is easy to maintain, and clients can easily find developers who are proficient in the language. This means that clients can easily find a developer to maintain their web application, even if the original developers are no longer available.

Ready to launch your project?

Our team of PHP experts can help you make it happen! With top-notch skills and experience, we’ll take your ideas and turn them into a reality. Let’s join forces – contact us today and get ready for success!


frequently asked questions

What types of applications can be developed using PHP?

PHP can be used to develop a wide range of web applications, including e-commerce websites, content management systems, social networks, and enterprise applications.

Why is PHP popular for web development?

PHP is popular for web development for several reasons, including its ease of use, wide community support, availability of numerous frameworks and libraries, and low development costs.

What is the difference between PHP and other server-side scripting languages?

PHP is similar to other server-side scripting languages like Python and Ruby, but it is known for its ease of use and broad community support. It is also the most widely used server-side scripting language, powering over 75% of all websites on the internet.