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Media and entertainment software development is a complex process that requires deep domain expertise and specialized technical capabilities. Our team of experts has the experience and talent needed to deliver the best possible result for your media or entertainment software needs. Whether you need a one-time app or ongoing support, we can help.
Media & Entertainment Software Development

Services We Offer

Custom software development for media and entertainment apps

Media and entertainment apps are particularly important for our development team. We specialize in custom media software development for OTT, VOD, and music/video streaming applications. Our team will work with you to develop a solution that meets your specific requirements. We use the latest technologies and approaches to ensure quality results.

What you get:

  • A system tailored to your digital media and entertainment needs
  • A team of experienced software engineers who have worked on similar projects in the past
  • An intelligent approach to problem-solving and feature development
  • The latest technology to ensure a quality product
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Integration of existing media and entertainment solutions with your system

Our media software development team is experienced in integrating existing entertainment technology solutions with your system. This helps create synergy between the various components of your system and offers a streamlined user experience.

What you get:

  • An intelligent approach to integration
  • The latest technology to ensure a quality product
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Analysis and optimization of existing systems

We’ll thoroughly test your program and then provide you with an extensive plan to enhance its functionality. Our objective is to ensure that the system works without any hitches – no matter how intricate it may be. We promise to make sure that your software for entertainment functions flawlessly on all types of devices.


What you get:

  • A comprehensive assessment of multiple factors
  • Reports on bugs and vulnerabilities
  • Improved performance
  • Additional features
  • Scalability for your product

Maintenance and support to ensure the best performance

Our team will guarantee your services remain strong, cost-efficient, and safe. We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop with all the newest developments and do whatever is necessary to ensure a premier user experience for yourself and your customers.

What you get:

  • Nonstop maintenance
  • Ongoing optimization of media and entertainment platforms and applications
  • Implementation of the most recent updates 
  • Maximized security effectiveness
  • Unfailing performance on any gadget – guaranteed.
Case Studies

Our Case Studies


Assistant for newbie musical creators

If you’ve ever attempted to learn a new song on your musical instrument, then you know that keeping up the enthusiasm can be difficult. Our client set out to help rookie players, creating an app that charts their development and encourages them to keep practicing.

The Beta-version of the app was far from satisfactory, and we had little time to make the changes. Nevertheless, our team rose to the occasion and achieved the goal before the deadline. After much hard work and dedication, we were able to upgrade its UI/UX, incorporate motivating functions, and provide comprehensive stats-trackers for user progress.


The public opinion pollster IViche

To gain valuable insight into public opinion, IViche sought to create a dependable and extensive polling system that would work on any web browser, iOS device, or android phone.

In a mere 7-month period, we created and implemented a potent app to manage substantial influxes of data from all over the nation. From scratch, we constructed a new framework that can merge and consolidate feedback from different websites and applications into one cohesive survey outcome.

Our hardworking team is constantly perfecting the system, ensuring that it can accommodate up to 10 million simultaneous players and showcasing data-rich vote analytics.


Technologies We Use

We know that software for entertainment requires a high degree of smartness, creative thinking, and flexibility. Our team is well-versed in using the newest technologies and development methodologies to build systems that are both highly functional and super fast. Here are some examples of the technologies we use:

  • Java






  • Nest


  • MongoDB


  • PHP


  • Scala


  • Kafka


  • Docker


  • CSS


  • HTML


  • Laravel


  • AWS


  • Angular


  • Azure


  • Android


  • Ruby


  • Symfony


Our process

Our Media and Entertainment Development Process



As an experienced entertainment software development company, we kick things off by understanding your organization's struggles and crafting a plan. We'll then move forward with providing helpful counsel, assessing dangers, and organizing goals.


Collaboration between designers and devs will be key to ensuring the finished project is aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. By combining creative ideas with cutting-edge technologies, we'll push the boundaries of what's possible to deliver a remarkable result.


Before launch, the tool must be operating optimally. We run continual tests during each phase of production to guarantee no problems or disruptions arise.

Support and Maintenance

Our team follows up after the end-to-end test and launching of our venture, with regular updates and optimizations to ensure that the system runs at peak efficiency.
Development Services

Benefits of Media & Entertainment Software

Here are just a few of the benefits that media and entertainment software will provide:

  • Digitization of your media company Using new technologies, such as enhanced video editors, gaming features, resource managers, digital magazines, and live broadcast networks can help revolutionize user satisfaction and be a real game-changer for your business.

  • Monetization of entertainment services Media and Entertainment companies and enterprises can create impressive, captivating offerings to fulfill the desires of their viewers - all while increasing profits.

  • Better client acquisition and retention rate Stay connected with both new and returning clients through engaging experiences on digital channels like apps, websites, and streaming services.

  • Staying up-to-date Big Data and data science are actively used in media and entertainment. These technologies provide analytics helping you offer relevant content and unique experiences for each consumer.


frequently asked questions

How can my business benefit from your media & entertainment software development services?

Our experienced team is well-versed in the development of Over-the-Top (OTT) and Video on Demand (VOD) services, music streaming, video streaming, and more. Therefore, our services can provide a competitive edge to your business by keeping up with the latest trends in media & entertainment software development.

How much does it cost to develop media & entertainment software?

The cost of developing media & entertainment software varies depending on the scope of the project and the technology requirements. We would like to point out that our team is always willing to tailor a plan that fits your budget, so don't hesitate to reach out and let us know your needs.

What technologies do your developers use when developing media and entertainment solutions?

Our developers use a wide range of technologies to develop media and entertainment solutions. These include OTT (over-the-top media services), VOD (video on demand), music streaming, video streaming, and more. Our software engineers have deep knowledge of these various technologies and can provide the best solutions for your project requirements.

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